Benefits of mango for beauty

Some of us would agree if this fruit is included in one of the favorite fruits, in addition to the sweet and fresh taste of fruit with delicious meat is also usually served in a food or drink, as a beverage, usually mango is made into juice, ice cream or a mixture -mix other drinks, and this mango turned out to have several health benefits, not only for health, but also for beauty, and the following benefits for health and beauty:

Reducing Acne 

Mango fruit can cleanse the skin and can lift excess oil on the face, so it can reduce the onset of pimples on the face that is with mangoes that are still raw cut and boiled, the remaining boiled water can be used to wash the face.

Make Skin Shine

Consuming mangoes regularly can reduce dark spots, blemishes and zits, and can make the skin glow, because the content of vitamin A and scratches in this mango serves to restore, rejuvenate skin cells, and also the content of vitamin C and antioxidants that are height can improve skin tone for the better and the appearance of the skin to shine.

Overcome Sunburn Skin

The content of vitamins A and C in mangoes is an important nutrient that is efficacious to brighten back the skin that is blackened due to exposure to sunlight, how to overcome them by: 

  • Prepare a few pieces of mango skin
  • Rub the skin of the mango fruit on the burned skin, both in the face and body
  • Wash with water until clean
  • Then let stand for 10-15 minutes 

In order to get maximum results you can do this way three times a week, aside from the outside, you also have to balance it from the inside by consuming mangoes regularly. 

Clean up blackheads

If you have problems with blackheads, you can use mangoes to overcome them. Easy to do 

  • Just mix one teaspoon, that is with a mango that has been mashed with half a teaspoon, then mix again with milk and honey
  • Apply the mixture to the surface of the nose with blackheads and rub gently until evenly distributed 
  • And left for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. 

Masks for sensitive skin 

You can make a face mask by mixing mashed mango flesh, oatmeal, milk and honey. Then wash your face with cold water, then pat until the face looks dry, apply a mask to the facial skin. Then wash thoroughly with cold water after settling for 15 minutes. Your face becomes fresher, smoother, without allergic reactions. 

After we know in several ways above, it turns out that the mango fruit that has been consumed has many benefits that are not only beneficial for health, but also beneficial for beauty. Hopefully it can provide useful information for everyone. Thank you

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