How to care for nails with natural ingredients

For a woman it is very important to understand nail care, because having healthy, clean and beautiful nails is very important. By having beautiful nails, one of the reasons makes you more confident. Generally, many women are willing to spend money to do treatments at the salon, not only for facial beauty treatments, but also for nail care. It turns out that nail care can also be done alone with the ingredients at home. Now, let's look at some of the following treatments for nail beauty: 

Nail Care Tips With Natural Materials At Home 


Garlic does have a pungent odor, and usually garlic is always used as an ingredient in kitchen spices, but garlic can also be beneficial for beauty, one of which is for nail beauty. If you want to have beautiful nails, you don't have to spend money to keep your nails beautiful, but using your nails can also be beautiful. 

The trick is, grate the garlic that has been mashed and dab it on the nails. After that, wait for it to dry and rinse with water. If it still leaves a smell, then use soap to clean it. 


So that your nails become stronger and whiter, you can use starfruit, because the vitamin content can make your nails strong and white. If you want to get maximum results you can use this starfruit regularly.


Not only good for the skin, it turns out the lemon also works to brighten the nails. The method is quite easy, using orange juice, then apply it to the nails. Let stand for 7 minutes. Wash your nails thoroughly using warm water. With this treatment it may cause skin dryness, so make sure you apply the cream or skin lation afterwards.

Olive oil 

Olive oil can be used to flex your nails so they don't break easily. In addition to flexing nails, olive oil can also be used to polish your nails to look naturally beautiful.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has a myriad of benefits, not only for skin, hair and facial beauty, but aloe vera can also be beneficial for nail beauty. The tips are very easy, by taking aloe, then cut the skin of the aloe, after that, apply the sap on the nails and leave for a few moments. When it looks like it's dried, you can rinse it using water until it's clean. But you should be able to rinse it using warm water. 

It turns out that using it is easy, right? Only with the ingredients at home, you can use it for nail care, but in a number of ways, you can't get it instantly, but it takes quite a long time to get maximum results. With some of the solutions above, hopefully it can be useful. And good luck. Hopefully it can provide useful information for everyone. Thank you

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