The enormity of the benefits of Banana peels for beauty

Everyone must have known that bananas have a myriad of benefits, but not only bananas have a myriad of benefits, it turns out banana peels also have benefits, so if you finish eating bananas, it's better not to throw away the banana skin, because there is a banana peel has unexpected benefits. So one of the benefits of banana peels is for facial beauty. Therefore, consider together some of the benefits of banana peels below:

Able to Eliminate Panda's Eyes

Well, from this banana peel it turns out to be able to remove panda eyes or eye bags, have a panda eye, our face does look like lethargy and so it's not fresh. Therefore, overcome your eyes with banana peels. 


  • Prepare banana peels and aloe vera gel
  • Take part in a banana peel
  • Then mix the two ingredients together
  • Stir until shaped like pasta 
  • And apply on the eye bags 
  • Let stand for 15 minutes
  • After that, rinse thoroughly

Remove dead skin cells 

If your skin looks dull, it might be because too many dead skin cells have not been lifted. Therefore, overcome your skin problems with bananas.


  • Puree the banana peel
  • Next, apply the entire surface of the skin 
  • Let stand for 10-15 minutes
  • Then, wash your face with clean water

Make Your Face Shine 

With banana peels, you can make your facial skin brighter or radiant.


  • Rub the inside of the banana peel to the face before going to sleep
  • Keep overnight, then rinse the next day 
  • It's best to rinse it with warm water 
  • Do this method regularly, so that you get maximum results

Reduces Wrinkles 

The next benefit is that it can reduce wrinkles on facial skin. Increasingly add to the age factor there will be wrinkles that appear. So you can handle it in the following ways:

  • Prepare banana peels 
  • Take part in a banana peel 
  • Then, add 1 teaspoon 
  • Mix the two ingredients together
  • Apply the entire face skin, especially those that have wrinkles 
  • Let stand for 15 minutes 
  • After that, clean with a warm towel 
  • Do this method 3 times a week, in order to get satisfying results.

Overcoming Acne

So from now on don't throw away the banana peel immediately after eating its contents, because banana peel can also be used to overcome the problem of acne that appears on the face. 
It's easy, just leave the banana peel on the pimply skin for five minutes, and do this method regularly so that you get the maximum results of your facial skin.

Those are some of the benefits and ways to use banana peels for beauty. It turns out that banana peels have many benefits, not only sweet flesh, but the skin can also be used for beauty. Hopefully it can provide useful information for everyone. Thank you

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