Be careful! This causes back pain

Cause of lumbago – low back pain is a pain that is felt in the lower back. The pain experienced by the patient may be continuous or can occur only a few moments, and each patient can also experience the problem of lumbago that vary from the back pain, the right part Up to the left waist pain.

There are many factors that are causes of lumbago, ranging from low back pain due to injuries such as lifting weights too heavily up to the back pain due to age factor. In some cases, however, lower back pain may also occur due to some medical factors such as kidney disease or due to infection.

The cause of back pain that you need to beware

As already explained above if the lumbago can be caused by many things such as injury to the waist muscles. Injury to the waist muscles can occur due to sudden and repeated moves. For example, just like when you're playing golf or lifting loads that are too heavy.

Some cases of lumbago can also be triggered by the habit of sitting too long with the wrong sitting position and the occupied place is uncomfortable or hard. In a child, a waist ache can occur because it carries too often a heavy back bag.

In addition to these factors, several other factors can also trigger a person to have problems with his waist such as:

1. Age Factor

The first factor of a person experiencing the lumbago problem there is age factor. For people who are 30 years old and above will be more susceptible to problems with low back pain, because the age metabolism in the body has decreased.

2. Weight Loss factors

In addition to age factor, excess weight can also trigger a person to experience back pain problems. Therefore keeping your weight ideal is key so that you can avoid the problem.

3. Lack of exercise

For some people who lack time to do sports will be more risky to experience problems on the waist in comparison for those who have a lot of time to exercise.

4. The keclamp nerve

The clamp's nerves can also cause back pain that you need to beware of. In some cases, the clamp nerves due to protrusion of the back of the bone bearing can cause very serious waist pain and should immediately get treatment from the doctor.

5. Cidera

Back pain can also be caused by injury. There are many things that make the waist experiencing injuries ranging from the collision until the accident.

6. The disorder

In addition to injury, Lumbago can also occur due to abnormalities in the spinal curve of the spine. There are many types of abnormalities such as kyphosis, lordosis and also scoliosis.

7. Kidney stones

Certain medical conditions that occur in the body can also trigger back pain problems. One such condition is like kidney stones. Basically this problem can be triggered by an unhealthy life pattern.

Besides the 7 causes of waist pain above that, there are still some other causes that are also mandatory for you to beware because it can be a serious problem if not to be overcome. Causes of such serious problems include:

  • Myoma
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Appendectomy
  • Infections of the kidneys
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal Stenosis

How to treat the correct waist pain

Basically treatment of lumbago it should be based on its cause. Because doing treatment based on the cause will be better and optimal. Here are some ways to treat back pain that you can try at home:

1. By using natural remedies

If your back pain condition is not too severe then you can try to use natural medicines that are around you. In addition to its relatively inexpensive price, the use of natural remedies also does not cause adverse effects that are harmful to health if properly used.

There are many types of natural remedies that you can use to relieve the pain that arises during a low back pain. Such as:

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Soursop leaves
  • Leaf God
  • Ilalang roots

2. Using Medication doctor

If your low back pain condition is severe or the influence of some particular medical problem then the natural remedy will not affect to treat the problem. Therefore, you can use your doctor's medicines.

Generally there are many types of medications that the doctor can give to the patient and the type of medication usually depends on the level of the problem experienced by the patient itself. Some of these medications include:

  • Pain reliever
  • Baclofen
  • Injectable corticosteroids
  • Antidepressant
  • Antibiotics

How to prevent back pain with Banar

In addition to the treatment based on the cause, you are also obliged to take precautions. Because treating it will not be a result if you do not combine it with prevention. There are a few things you can do to prevent your waist pain from returning again like so:

1. Exercise regularly

The first preventative way for a waist ache that you experience is not returning by exercising regularly. Doing sports on a regular basis is not only good for preventing low back pain but also good for body health.

2. Avoid lifting heavy loads

After the back pain you are experiencing is healed then the next step is to prevent the problem from coming again. The trick is to avoid lifting heavy objects alone.

3. Don't sit too long

If sitting too long with an upright position can also trigger the problem of low back pain, so that the problem will not be experienced anymore, avoid to sit too long in an upright position and occasionally try to stand and walk around To stretch the waist muscles.

4. Notice Weight Loss

In addition to the above way, always keep the ideal weight is also a key to prevent it from experiencing the problem. Applying a healthy diet pattern is also highly recommended for those of you who have excess weight.

5. Adequate calcium intake

Lumbago can also occur due to insufficient intake of calcium in the body. Therefore, keeping daily calcium needs always fulfilled is an important thing that you should not forget.

6. Watch the sleep position

The wrong sleeping position can also trigger someone to experience the waist problem, so paying attention to sleep is also the most important thing that you shouldn't ignore.

For a good sleep position is a sideways position with a knee that folded over to reduce the pressure on the waist. In addition, you can also use a sleeping mat that can withstand weight.

7. Change bad habits

How to prevent the last waist pain is to change the bad habits that also cause such problems such as smoking. In a study, smoking can reduce bone health slowly and the content in cigarettes can also cause the supply of came to the waist to decrease.

Maybe that's the review that Gamatips can summarize for you about the cause of a low back pain that needs to be wary and beneficial to all of you. Do not forget to always maintain health by applying a good life pattern. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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