Eleven benefits of Lemongrass for human body health

Lemongrass or lemongrass can not only be used as an ingredient for flavor enhancer in every cuisine and drink but the content in lemongrass also has benefits for the health of the human body. Therefore, lemongrass can also be used as a traditional medicine to overcome several types of diseases.

In addition to this moment it still belongs to a few people who know what are the benefits of lemongrass and how to process it as a drug in overcoming some types of diseases. But that's all not a problem, because in this discussion this time the admin will parse it clearly and more accurately of course.

Before we go to a discussion about the benefits and how to cultivate lemongrass properly, it is good to know in advance what content is in the lemongrass. Here's an explanation.

Nutritional content of Lemongrass

In general the part of the lemongrass plant that is often utilized is the stem part and slightly from the leaves of the lemongrass itself. The benefits that you can get from this lemongrass is certainly not separated from the nutrients that are in it. Whatever it is, here's the explanation:

The content of lemongrass in 100 grams

  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 0135 mg
  • Thiamin (vitamin B1): 0065 mg
  • Vitamin A: 6 mg
  • Vitamin C: 2.6 mg
  • Sodium: 6 mg
  • Potassium: 723 mg
  • Calcium: 65 mg
  • Copper: 0266 mg
  • Iron: 8.17 mg
  • Magnesium 60 mg
  • Manganese: 5,244 mg
  • Selenium: 0.7 mcg
  • Zinc: 2.23 mg
  • Calories: 99 Kkal
  • Carbohydrate: 25.31 g
  • Protein 1.82 g
  • Fat: 0.49 g
  • Folic acid: 75 mcg
  • Niacin (vitamin B3): 1,101 mg
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6): 0.80 mg

In addition to the complete nutrient content and very needed by our body, you need to know also if Lemongrass also has properties such as anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, diuretic, antipyretic, antioxidant and many others.

Benefits of  Lemongrass for health

When we have already seen a variety of nutrients that exist in the lemongrass, it does not cover the possibility if this lemongrass has a good efficacy for health. Below are some of the benefits of lemongrass for the health you will feel:

1. Benefits of lemongrass to overcome anxiety

Lemongrass can not only be used in a dish, but lemongrass can also be consumed by utilizing lemongrass oil as an aromatherapy remedy in overcoming anxiety problems.

2. Benefits of lemongrass to regulate muscle function

Magnesium and potassium content in the lemongrass has the efficacy to regulate the function of muscles, heart and also nerves in the body. So consuming foods and beverages containing lemongrass will have a good impact on muscle health.

3. Benefits of lemongrass for weight loss

The benefits of this one certainly still require further research, where the tea made from lemongrass is said to be very efficacious to help someone in losing weight. You can make use of this lemongrass tea but in the sense do not use it as the only way to lose weight.

4. Benefits of lemongrass to overcome dental problem perforated

You should also know that consuming lemongrass tea can also overcome infections and dental problems. This is because the lemongrass itself has an antimicrobial substance that is very effective in resisting bacteria causing perforated teeth such as Streptococcus mutans.

5. Benefits of lemongrass to fight free radicals

A study that has been done also shows that the antioxidant content in lemongrass is capable of fighting free radical attacks that enter the body. Antioxidant content found in lemongrass such as chlorogenic acid, isoorienting and Swertiajaponin.

6. Benefits of lemongrass for blood pressure

The benefits of lemongrass that further is to help the body in controlling blood pressure, it is because in the lemongrass has a fairly high mineral content such as potassium.

7. Benefits of lemongrass to relieve premenstrual syndrome

Consuming lemongrass tea is also beneficial in overcoming symptoms that appear in patients with premenstrual syndrome. But for the benefit of this one still requires further research in order to obtain accurate facts.

8. Benefits of lemongrass to relieve flu

Consuming lemongrass tea regularly also turns out to relieve flu symptoms and also fever due to nasal congestion. So for those of you who have problems such as fever, flu and nasal congestion can try to consume lemongrass tea regularly.

9. Benefits of lemongrass to overcome dandruff problems

The benefits of lemongrass is not less important also can overcome dandruff on the scalp. So for you who have the problem of dandruff that is not lost then you can utilize lemongrass oil as a remedy to eradicate the stubborn dandruff on the scalp.

10. Benefits of lemongrass to relieve depression

For those of you who may often feel depressed because of some factors such as job problems or so on, you can reduce them by consuming lemongrass tea. Because the content in lemongrass is able to relieve anxiety, stress and also make your sleep better.

11. Benefits of lemongrass for lowering high blood sugar

For those of you who may have high sugar levels, besides keeping a regular diet you can also try to consume lemongrass tea regularly. Because the nutrients in the lemongrass is able to help the body in stabilizing blood sugar levels and helps to lower the sugar levels in high blood.

Use and processing

Everyone can make use of lemongrass according to the needs of each person. If you want to apply directly to the skin to solve the problem of insect bites or mosquitoes then you can use the oil from the lemongrass itself.

But if you want to utilize lemongrass for consumption or in drinking then you can use a tea product made from lemongrass or you can also boil directly some lemongrass and drink water stew with added A little honey to add flavor to the water decoction of lemongrass. Or you can also cultivate lemongrass according to your own wishes.

The content in lemongrass does have a lot of benefits that we can feel, but nevertheless not everyone can consume lemongrass because there is still a little research that concludes about the use of lemongrass as an herbal medicine in overcoming Several types of diseases.

Nevertheless, for those of you who may still be hesitant in the utilization of lemongrass as an herbal medicine then it is good to consult with a doctor in order to get a solution of the problem that you are naturally occurring.

A lot of information that admins can summarize for you today, hopefully with the above information about the benefits of lemongrass for health can add to your insight more about the world of health. Good luck! Thanks.

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