Twenty benefits of turmeric for human body health

Turmeric is not only one complement in the spice kitchen, but turmeric also turns out to have health benefits. This is because the spices are very identic once with the yellow color has the main active substance that is often called curcumin. It is a substance that later has an anti-inflammatory properties as well as an excellent antioxidant for the human body.

In turmeric also still has some other substances that are not less important for health such as arabinose, fructose, glucose, starch, tannins, resin, minerals, magnesium, manganese, calcium, zinc, aluminium and many other content Beneficial for health. For those of you who want to know about other content that is in turmeric then you can find it on the article on nutritional content in turmeric.

What are the benefits of turmeric for health?

Once from you already know some of the content contained in turmeric, then we will discuss about the benefits of turmeric for general health. More details you can follow the explanation below:

The benefits of turmeric for general health

1. Turmeric benefits to relieve inflammation

As already discussed above, if turmeric has the content of active substances beneficial to health. The active substance called curcumin is an antioxidant that has benefits as a potent antiinflammatory effect. This is because in one teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder it has approximately 200 milligrams of curcumin.

Where the substance will work to block the work of cytokines and enzymes that cause inflammation in the body. In addition, the substance is also able to reduce the occurrence of inflammation and lower histamine levels in the body.

2. Turmeric benefits for curing peptic ulcers

In addition to the above benefits, substances that are content in turmeric also found to be able to relieve peptic diseases. The peptic ulcer itself is a wound that occurs on the wall of the stomach that can be caused by some things. Gastric ulcer disease can affect anyone and any age can be affected by this disease.

But if you already have the problem and are still in a mild condition then you can try to drink the herb from turmeric. It's like making a jamu from turmeric and you can drink it regularly.

3. Turmeric benefits to overcome skin rash

Rash on the skin is one type of health problems that arise due to inflammation or discoloration that occurs in the human skin. Generally the signs of the appearance of rashes on the skin is like the appearance of itching, bumps, skin peeling, scaly and also irritation. In addition to allergies, skin rash can also arise due to side effects of excessive use of cosmetics or drugs.

But you do not have to worry, other than you can have a dermatologist found that overcoming rashes on the skin can also use turmeric. The way you can make a paste from turmeric to apply to the skin part or you can also buy a certain product that contains ingredients from turmeric. But it's good to do a consultation with a doctor who is expert in skin problems first.

4. Turmeric Benefits to overcome flatulence

In the medical world itself, exhaust gas (fart) is a sign if your digestion is healthy, but when it is excessive it will interfere with your own activities and it also signifies that your digestion are having trouble.

But you do not have to worry because the problem can be solved easily. We can utilize the content in turmeric to cope with flatulence. Because the curcumin in turmeric is capable of helping all the muscles of the digestive organs move with the Lancer as it is normal again and can reduce the gas pressure in the stomach.

5. Turmeric benefits for relieving symptoms of IBS (Syndromeand bowel syndrome)

The health problem of this one is a problem that is common to the colon in our body and this problem can cause problems in the Defecation in a very long term. And if it is left untreated then this can trigger more keronist diarrhea problem.

But you know that turmeric is very safe for people who have IBS problems. This is because the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content that turmeric has is capable of helping to launch and normalize the performance of muscles in the intestines.

6. Benefits of turmeric for immune boosting

A substance called curcumin is also one of the most excellent types of antioxidants for the health of the body. In addition, the content of these substances is able to prevent attacks from free radicals that can interfere with the DNA system in our body. Because this DNA system that generally has a stronger contribution in improving immunity within the human body.

7. Benefits of turmeric to maintain digestive health

Indeed turmeric is one of the spices that has a lot of health benefits and one of them maintain the health of the digestive system in our body. This is because the content of turmeric-owned compounds is able to kill the bad bacteria that exist in the stomach so as to make our stomach become healthier again.

8. Benefits of turmeric for lowering cholesterol

In the world of health itself, it also mentions that turmeric has benefits to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. This is due to some substances that exist in turmeric that will help to lower LDL or high cholesterol in our blood.

9. Turmeric benefits to reduce nausea

In a study named Food Journal in 2017 this stated that with a slight adding of hitan pepper powder apparently can help maximize the benefits owned by turmeric. Because in general the content of curcumin in turmeric is very slowly absorbed by our body, so with the adding of black pepper, the absorption of curcumin becomes faster than usual. This is because the black pepper has a very beneficial content of piperine.

10. Turmeric benefits to relieve painful menstruation

The content of curcumin in turmeric is able to relieve the natural pain during menstruation, because the compound will work to soothe the contractions in the uterus. And the compound is able to reduce the flow of calcium ions in the epithelial cells present in the uterus and is able to reduce the production of prostaglandins.

11. Turmeric benefits for helping to lose weight

As mentioned above, if the curcumin that is in turmeric is able to suppress the inflammatory response that occurs in the cells of the body including the cells pancreas, fat and also muscle. The reaction is able to help in reducing insulin resistance, lowering the sugar in the salt and cholesterol and other metabolic disorders that cause weight gain.

But in order to make turmeric benefits more maximally, you are obliged to apply it with Javanese acids. Because Java acid itself also has a content that will help the absorption becomes faster.

12. Turmeric Benefits for cancer

Based on some studies, it is also useful to prevent cancer. The benefits of turmeric for this health you can get through the compound content in turmeric itself. These compounds will help our body in reducing the growth of new blood vessels as well as tumors, spreading the cancer and also helping to kill cancer cells.

13. Turmeric benefits to overcoming Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is a disease that is generally characterized by decreased memory, the ability to think and change attitudes in the life of the everyday. Because the disease will cause damage to brain tissue as time passes. As well as its main symptoms are usually characterized by mild senile street.

But you do not have to worry because in addition to consulting with a doctor who is expert in the field, you can also utilize turmeric as an herbal remedy to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Because the compounds that exist in turmeric will help to inhibit the buildup of beta-amyloid compounds that trigger damage to the cells in the brain and are able to reduce the buildup of plaque inside the brain.

14. Benefits of turmeric to maintain skin health

The compounds in turmeric are also able to maintain the health of the skin and the compound is antioxidant. Where the content of the compound is able to help the regeneration process on the skin and able to reduce the buildup of black stains on the skin.

You can buy cosmetics based on turmeric or you can also make use of turmeric by creating your own mask. For maximum results, you are usually obliged to use them regularly.

15. Benefits of turmeric to maintain cardiovascular health

A research has shown that turmeric has the benefit of keeping our heart healthy. It is certainly supported by the presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are quite good. So there are so many benefits of turmeric for health that we can get from consuming turmeric extracts.

16. Turmeric benefits for treating asthma disease

You need to be in the haunted also if with one spoon of turmeric powder mixed with a glass of warm milk capable and very effective in treating asthma, flu, colds and cough. It is because of the compound content in turmeric that will help overcome the disturbance occurring in the respiratory system.

17. Turmeric benefits for preventing ulcerative colitis

This is one type of disease that is very chronic and is the cause of ulcers below the gastrointestinal tract. Based on a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center This mentioned that consuming extracts from turmeric on a regular basis was able to cure the disease.

18. Turmeric benefits for treating Uveitis

Uveitis itself is one of the most common symptoms of the iris. In addition, such symptoms are bogana to cause inflammation that is quite severe in the iris. But with the content of curcumin compounds was able to treat such inflammation without causing harmful side effects.

19. Turmeric benefits for controlling blood sugar

If you are one of those who suffer from diabetes, then there is no harm for you to try to treat it using natural ingredients in controlling the sugar in the blood. One such natural ingredient is turmeric.

This is because a study suggests that supplements made from turmeric extract are able to improve insulin function as well as help keep stability sugar in the blood. So it will certainly reduce your risk of diabetes disease that occurs due to inflammation.

20. Turmeric benefits for fighting infection symptoms

The benefit of this one you can get from white turmeric, because in a study mentioned that the white turmeric was able to cope with infections caused by fungi or bacteria. Some examples such as diarrhea, food poisoning due to E. coli infection, skin infection like ulcers and selutis caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. In addition it also consumes the extracts of white turmeric also able to resist the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Before you try to wear turmeric to treat health problems, it is a good idea to consult first with a doctor who is in the health field to avoid happening things that we do not want to happen. Maybe that's a bit of a review about turmeric's benefits for a generally tested health. Hopefully useful! Thanks.

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