Two month Diet Tips for weight loss ten kilo grams

It is up to now that there are a lot of diet programs to lose weight quickly which most women do. But in a study, not all of these dietary programs have permanent or long-term benefits to the body. Although weight is rapidly falling, but the steps often make the body's condition to feel weak and tired quickly.

But that's if you guys use an instant diet program to lose weight, but are different from natural diet programs to make weight down 10 kg in 2 months. The following programs are certainly very safe and will not make your body feel weak and fast tired.

But before you do a 2-month diet program, it's best to get fixed and hit your tap from now on. Because you should not complain and there are some restrictions that are obligatory for you to go to the weight can be dropped 10 kg in 2 months. If you have, here are some necessary ways to do so.

Two months Diet Program for weight loss Ten Kilograms

The main key for a successful healthy diet program to do is to be patient, diligent and continue to motivate yourself to achieve the target you have already defined. Below are the first 4 steps in succeeding your diet program.

1. Make a schedule for diet and physical activity

The initial step in the success of this 2-month diet program is to create a diet schedule and schedule a physical activity that will be done. Make a plan in advance what type of exercise you will do and what food you will consume.

In addition, record daily calorie needs for your body. This is to prevent the lack of calories in the body and to prevent the body feeling tired quickly. To find out the number of calories needed by the body, you can count them by way of female BMR = 447.5 + (13.3 x body weight (kg)) + (30.9 x Height (cm))-(56.7 x age) = result. As for men also still the same but BMR PRI differs from the woman from 88.3.

After you know what your daily calorie needs are for the body, then the next step is that you are also obliged to record how many hours of exercise and what is good for the 2-round diet for weight loss 10 kg.

2. Create a journal

Besides you are obliged to take notes, you also have to create a journal to help in running a diet program for 2 months. You can use a notebook or an app inside your PHONE.

Record all the foods or drinks you consume each day in the journal. This journal is not only good for maintaining the commitment you have made but it is also good to make it as a learning if the steps you do it do not meet the target.

Next remember also to monitor all the physical exercise activities you have done. Also do not forget to record how much weight you have dropped. This step aims to conduct further evaluation in a 2 month healthy diet program.

3. Look for a friend who wants to support you

To lose 10 kg of body weight in 2 months is not a very easy thing to do. In addition to changing the diet is quite extreme, your lifestyle must also be changed. But with a support from friends, relatives and relatives, of course this will make it easier for you to apply the diet for 2 months.

Therefore, to succeed this 2-month diet program, it is recommended once to find friends, family, relatives or colleagues who want to give support so that you can stay focused and passionate in achieving the target that is already defined. And also avoid seeking support for people who don't want to care about your life.

4. Consult a physician

In addition to the above steps, in conducting a 2-month diet to lose weight 10 kg, you are also obliged to consult with a physician. This will also make you even easier to achieve the targets you've set for the next 2 months.

While combining a low-calorie diet program with high intensity sports activities is still relatively safe for everyone. But you also still need to consult a doctor who is already experts in the field. This step is also to prevent bad things from happening when you are doing a diet program in losing weight.

Discuss with the doctor how many targets you want to achieve in the next 2 months and what obstacles you may have in your life today. In this way, the doctor will check and find a safe solution so that you can achieve the wishes you have set.

Types of foods to avoid to lose weight Ten kilograms in Two months

After we know the first step in conducting the correct diet program in order to achieve a target that we already define. So that the program is getting better, you also have to avoid some types of food that is not suitable for there in the Diet menu 2 months. Join the full review:

1. Avoid foods that are high in their calorized content

Naturally your body weight will decrease if you reduce the consumption of high calorie content in it. This step of course to succeed a 2-month diet program in weight loss 10 kg by reducing calorie intake into the body significantly.

There are many types of foods containing high calories, such as nuts, butter made from nuts, black chocolate, avocado fruit, dates, dairy products and eggs, popcorn, mayonnaise and curry. This type of food will certainly make your diet program not reaching the target.

The good step is to reduce the number of daily calorie needs in the body by about 750 calories in one day. How to calculate daily calories is also you know, how it has been explained above.

2. Reduce foods that prey to high carbohydrate

In a study, a low-carbohydrate diet program is a very fast way to decrease excess body weight. While it is beneficial to reduce the fluid in the body, this step is also able to suppress the buildup of fat in our body.

Therefore, you are obliged to reduce daily carbohydrate intake into the body to prevent the increase in the amount of fat that accumulate. You can avoid food such as tubers, nuts, dairy products and certain grains.

Although this type of food contains carbohydrates, but it is not as real as you should avoid these types of food. Because your body also requires intake of carbohydrates, but still you limit. Consumption of certain types of food is precise and not excessive.

3. Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar

To make a healthy diet that you live can be more successful, then you are also obliged to avoid the types of foods that contain a lot of sugar. Because the sugar that is consumed excessively in the body can become a fat heap that causes weight to increase.

There are many types of foods that contain high sugar that is mandatory for you to avoid to diet 2 months to lose weight 10 kg can be achieved. One of them is like yougurt fruit flavor, salad dressing, soft drink, jam, pudding, sweets and various cakes that have a sweet flavor.

Although the type of food that has high sugar content is mandatory for you to avoid, but sugar is also still needed by our body in order to produce additional energy in carrying out the activity. Therefore, it has enough 50% of your body sugar needs every day, so that your body does not feel weak in activity.

Types of activities that must be performed during the 2 months successful Diet Program
Although the sport activity is not an obligation in the diet program to lose weight, but it does not hurt you to multiply the cardiovascular exercise routinely if you want a weight loss 10 kg in 2 months.

The following types of exercise are not only good at strengthening body muscles, but this cardiovascular exercise is also great for burning excess calories in our body. In addition, many health experts highly recommend people who are implementing extreme diet programs to improve cardiovascular exercise activities. To be able to get good results, you should do the sport for 3.5 hours in 1 week or it can be more.

There are a lot of types of cardiovascular sports that you can do every day such as jogging, walking outside the house or with an elliptical machine, swimming, doing aerobic exercises in the fitness center, biking and much more.

But you need to remember also that in the Instant diet program you do not guarantee that the weight will last for a long period of time. In a study, this type of instant diet program is not good to do for people who want to have the ideal weight in the long run. This is because the result of the diet is very difficult for you to maintain for a long period of time.

The information that can be admin to summarize for you all about 2 months diet tips for weight loss 10 kg, hopefully with the above information can give you an insight on the instant diet program. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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