Facts of benefits of Kelor leaves for pregnant women

Kelor leaves are one of the few plants that are known for its usefulness to address some health problems, from preventing cancer to launching the digestive system in the body. Then is it permissible for pregnant mothers to consume kelor leaves?

When a woman has entered the period of pregnancy, then from that moment on, she should start to maintain a diet. Because not all types of food are safe for pregnant mothers consumption, because there are some of the types of foods that are harmful to health and the fetus is growing in content and one of them is the leaves of the kelor.

Can pregnant women consume Kelor leaves?

Until now there has been no definitive research mentioning that the kelor leaves are safe for pregnant mothers consumption. But if seen in terms of content that is in the kelor, some substances in the kelor even adversely affect young pregnant women.

This is because the content of active substances in the kelor is able to trigger a contraction in the abdomen of pregnant women. Contraction can increase the risk of pregnant women, and the condition will be more risky during pregnancy of 1 month to 2 months.

Indeed, this information can not be know for sure but to prevent things that we do not want to happen, it would be good to avoid consuming kelor leaves. The danger of kelor leaves for pregnant women when in oral ingestion, but if the use of kelor leaves as a drug of the outer oles of the skin is still relatively safe. The use of Kelor leaf extract as a skin mask turns out to be very effective to kill bacteria and also germs that are on the skin.

Therefore it is also highly recommended for pregnant women to not consume the kind of processed kelor such as herbal medicines from the leaves of the kelor, because it will trigger a bad impact for the development of the fetus is in the bladder. In addition, mothers can also have a doctor to see a specialist to know the health condition in advance in order to determine nutrients that are good for the health of mothers and fetuses.

To fulfill nutritional needs in addition to Kelor leaves mother can also get it from other types of food such as vegetables, meat, milk and also fruits such as apples, bananas and others. Because the daily nutritional needs for pregnant women are very different when not pregnant, so you should never go wrong with food. Because maintaining fetal health is the thing that mothers need to prioritize.

Maybe that's a little fact the benefit of the leaves of the kelor for expectant mothers that can be admins embrace, hopefully with that information can give a little answer to the question that the mother has. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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