Five dangers of drinking Soda during pregnancy you should know

To date, there are still many people who question about the dangers of drinking soda while pregnant. Some have assumed that soda is safe and some people again assume that soda is not safe for pregnant women. Well, therefore in this discussion this time the admin will give a fact about the problem based on some reliable sources.

In a study mention that if not forever soda is harmful for pregnant women, but even so, expectant mothers must remain wise in consuming all kinds of soft drinks. Basically, the danger of soda for pregnant women will appear if the soda in the consumption exceeds the safe limit consumed by pregnant women.

If this is the case, the adverse effects of sparkling beverages will be visible. Therefore pregnant women should be wise in consuming all kinds of drinks containing soda or alcohol. Well, here are some adverse effects when pregnant women consume soda excessively.

Dangers of drinking Soda during pregnancy

There are some problems that can cadre naturally if consuming soda drinks excessively or too often. Here's the explanation:

1. Increase the risk of birth baby with low weight

During pregnancy, there was a lot of restrictions that should not be done because sometimes inflicting adverse effects on the mother and the fetus. One of the restrictions that the pregnant mother should avoid is to drink drinks containing soda. This is due to the caffeine content found in high soda. So restricting consuming sparkling beverages is very important.

Because of the caffeine content present in sparkling beverages if excessive consumption can penetrate the placenta and affect the development of the fetus. As well as excessive intake of caffeine during pregnancy is often associated with the risk of infants born with low weight or the risk of babies born in a defective state. In other words, soda has a bad impact on pregnancy so be wise in consuming a soda drink with mother.

2. Deficiency of calcium intake

The next danger that can consume sparkling beverages during pregnancy is that it can cause a deficiency of calcium intake. This happens due to the high caffeine content of soda drinks. This caffeine content can inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body. And when the mother experiences this, our mother will suffer from osteoporosis later in the day.

And if the mother deficiency of calcium intake in the body during pregnancy, can also increase the level of lead in the blood. If the level of lead in high blood this can cause the disruption of brain development in the fetus.

Therefore mothers are better if during pregnancy so as to not consume drinks containing soda, so that in the future there is no problem in the pregnancy of mothers.

3. Affect child motor development

The freshness that is available in soda drinks is often made us really like to consume it. But behind the freshness and enjoyment given it can make a bad impact for health if it is too often in consumption. One of the dangers of drinking excessive soda during pregnancy is that it can affect the development of fine motor of children later.

Some studies that have been done by experts say that if pregnant women consume too much sugar, especially those found in soda drinks, it tends to cause a bad impact on the born child. The effects that arise will cause the child to have poor problem solving skills and weak memory.

For the adverse effects of consuming soft drinks that can interfere with the motor nerve of the child does not occur, it is very good to avoid this one drink.

4. Increase the risk of excess weight gain

Increasing weight during pregnancy is naturally occurring in the mother and fetus.  However if too excessive weight will usually cause a negative impact on health. Not only through food, soft drinks also sometimes affects this weight gain. One of them is soda drinks. Sugar content and high calories in soda can affect weight gain especially if the soda drink mother is excessive consumption every day.

However, we should not be able to increase if the body weight starts to rise excessively in the period of pregnancy, because it can raise the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Overweight while pregnant due to consuming soft drinks or have a lot of sugar levels that can cause gestational diabetes can also increase the risk of miscarriage, premature childbirth, hypertension and also Cause excess weight in infants.

5. Increase the risk of birth defects babies

The next danger of sparkling beverages that can harm the health of mothers during pregnancy is increasing the risk of babies born with disabilities. This is caused, because it is often found that in sparkling beverages contained artificial sweetener. The content of this artificial sweetener is often called aspartame.

Aspartame's artificial sweetener is generally very often found and contained in sparkling beverages, even sometimes with large quantities. From some studies that have been conducted showed that if consuming excessive aspartame in pregnant women can increase the risk of infants born with disabilities, but it still needs to be studied further. But do not hurt if mother still pay attention to mother health by avoiding the consumption of sparkling drinks yes!.

It is possible that the side effects that occur in pregnant women will differ when consuming soda drinks excessively, because this depends on the body condition of the person itself. Therefore, the cadre is compulsory to be wise in consuming any food and beverage of any type that includes sparkling beverages. This prevents the occurrence of health problems and the fetus being present in the womb.

To replace the drink, cadre can also replace it with other healthier drinks such as fruit juices, coconut water and also milk. But it is recommended also for every pregnant woman to consult with a gynecologist.

Maybe that's the information that admins can summarize for you about the dangers of drinking soda while pregnant, hopefully the above information can benefit you all. Healthy Greetings! Thanks.

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