Fifteen natural ways of overcoming headaches in pregnant women

The change in hormones turns out to trigger headaches when pregnant, whether it's a tense headache or migraine headaches. But at the time of pregnancy, it is not recommended once to consume medicines in relieving headaches. Because some types of medicines have side effects that are harmful to the health of the fetus, there is a natural way to cope with headaches in pregnant women that can be done at home.

Common headaches in pregnant women will get worse when the first few weeks of pregnancy, even when the condition has no effect on fetal health. In some cases, headaches that occur will usually heal or disappear on their own when the pregnancy has reached 6 months.

Until now, it can not be know exactly what causes pregnant women have a headache problem. But there is a strong suspicion that the condition occurs because of an increase in blood production or blood flow in the early period of pregnancy.

In addition, another possibility that is the cause of pregnant women headaches is the cessation of consumption of caffeine into the body, not enough sleep, stress, depression, dehydration, fatigue, allergies and sinus disorders. Headaches will become worse for those who have experienced headaches when they are pregnant.

What causes headaches in pregnant women?

By the time of pregnancy, this headache can occur due to the influence of hormones like in the future of menstruation and menopause. This condition may get worse when it has entered the first few weeks of pregnancy, but normally the condition will gradually improve and even disappear by itself when the age of content has reached 6 months upwards.

Many doctors assume that the influence of hormones is the main cause of pregnant women having headaches. This is also because the hormone progesterone that becomes a supporter of pregnancy has a very large effect in the circulation of blood, especially in the first week of pregnancy.

In addition, there are also causes of pregnant mothers to experience other headaches such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, dehydration, stress, depression and also allergies.

How to prevent headaches in pregnant women

As already explained above, if pregnant women should not consume any drug without a doctor's prescription, this is because it can have a bad impact to the growth of the fetus is in the bladder. But the mother is not Peruvian worried, here are some ways to prevent the pregnant IB headache:

1. The first prevention is in a way that is quite simple, namely by diligent, routine and multiply in consuming white water

2. The second preventative way that you should try is to consume food with a small portion. But it doesn't reduce the nutritional value that your body can absorb.

3. The third way is to not get too much thought and avoid and manage stress well. If you can rest your body and mind with a refreshing

4. Prevention of the fifth can be done by routine physical activity, such as walking, aerobics, or sports that can relax the body. In fact you can try to choose Yoga as a way to calm your mind.

5. The fifth preventative way that you can do and you try is to adequately sleep, and sleep at regular time every day.

6. The last one is the sixth, you can try to avoid the trigger headaches, such as foods containing MSG and artificial sweeteners, smoked fish, foods that are divided, strong bebauan, cigarette smoke, noise, glare, light and Excessive hot or cold weather.

How to cope with headaches in pregnant women without drugs

After the above, we already know how to prevent pregnant women from having headaches, so for the next step we also must know how to cope with headaches in pregnant women. Here's the full review:

1. Compress with warm water

If you are having headaches and want to reduce the pain that feels without having to consume the medication, you can try this one way. First of all, you can use cold water or warm water, and then prepare a compress to be placed on your forehead or brow. For the next headache (migraine) can use cold water compresses to be more effective.

2. Adequate rest

If the headache you are experiencing is now very disturbing. Try to release your body by lying in bed with a dark room condition and not noisy. Then close your eyes. Get enough rest and don't do too heavy activities. And do not be too much thought and do not forget to adequate nutrient intake for the body.

3. Do a massage

This way you can do it to reduce the vertigo you experience by gently massaging the painful part of the head, or ask someone else to massage your shoulders and neck to overcome tension. If you have free time, you can visit a professional massage where you can get a relaxing massage on the whole body. However, it is better if you consult a doctor and do not forget if you want to do a massage to tell the massage therapist that you are pregnant.

4. Inhalation Aromatherapy

During pregnancy it often will arise dizziness even to nausea. To reduce that vertigo you can try to inhale aromatherapy. Because by inhaling the aroma therapy BIA makes breath relieved as well as headaches diminish. You can try various variants of aroma therapy. Either it smells lavender or peppermint oil. In fact we can also rub aromatherapy oils in the forehead area, to further relieve the headaches that arise.

5. Shower with warm water

The next way you can get to reduce your current headache is by bathing with warm water mixed with Epsom salts for 15 minutes. Because in addition can help redhead headaches can also make the muscles of the body can be more relaxed when exposed to the washes or rinsing this warm water.

6. Wear a comfortable bra

During pregnancy the breast size usually becomes increasingly larger, it causes the size of the ligament on the breast to change as well. If you choose the size of the bra you will use it may cause tension in the neck and back muscles. So from the beginning of pregnancy it is important to choose and wear a bra that is really comfortable to avoid the risk of dizziness or headaches.

7. Drink-Herbal drink

In times of pregnancy dizziness that comes very disturbing sometimes. To relieve the vertigo you can try to drink herbal drinks such as herbal tea or warm ginger water can be drunk to relieve headaches. Warm ginger water becomes one of the most recommended drinks because the content of ginger that can help to relax the body and overcome the tension of the body muscles. Before trying this herbal drink you should consult first with a doctor.

Symptoms of headaches that need to be wary of pregnant women

Headaches that occur in the early days of pregnancy are normal, but it is better to be wary if this condition occurs at the end of pregnancy.

Headaches that occur in the end of pregnancy can be a sign that you are experiencing hypertension in pregnancy. If not handled, this condition is at risk of developing into preeclampsia, which is a condition that can interfere with the development of the baby in the womb and childbirth.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor immediately if a headache when pregnant has not subsided or gets worse.

Symptoms of headaches that need to be wary of pregnant women

In general, pregnant women who have headaches in the early days of pregnancy is a normal thing, although there is a good time for mothers should also be more alert if the condition occurs at the end of pregnancy.

Because in a study mentions that headaches that occur at the end of pregnancy can be a sign if the mother is experiencing hypertensive problems in pregnancy. If the condition is not immediately to be overcome, it can have a more severe impact such as preeclampsia. This preeclampsia is a condition that can interfere with the development of babies that are still present in the womb.

Therefore, if the mother felt the headache experienced in the end of pregnancy, then the mother should be a doctor to get more precise treatment. Good luck! So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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