Seven ways to overcome unhealed nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is a condition in which the tissues or blood vessels surrounding the nose experience swelling resulting from excessive fluid buildup in it. Usually this condition can heal by itself, but some cases of people experiencing nasal congestion can be infected in a long period of time.

A clogged nose problem is not a big problem and requires serious handling, but if it is in fact it will interfere with all of our daily activities such as breathing, eating, traveling and also when sleeping. Therefore, this problem should be solved immediately.

Nasal congestion causes

In the medical world, there are several key factors that can make a person experience the condition. Starting from the presence of allergic problems, sinusitis until the presence of infections caused by bacteria or viruses. In addition, other factors can also affect people suffering from nasal congestion such as:

1. Have a cough and a cold

When one encounters a problem such as coughs and a cold, it does not close the possibility that the person will also experience a stuffy nose. This one condition can happen to anyone, be it babies, children up to parents.

It is generally a nasal congestion problem that occurs when a person has a cough problem and also a cold will disappear on its own. Where this condition will heal in a span of 10 days or more, depending on the condition of the body of the person experiencing it.

2. Allergy

Usually, when people who have a history of allergies and are exposed to allergic substances, the body will spontaneously react to the substance immediately. The reaction of any person who suffers from allergies may vary, but the most common is the production of mucus in the nasal cavity that is increasing.

From the condition that will make a person experiencing nasal congestion problems, sneezing and also a cold. If resolved immediately, this condition will disappear quickly.

3. Acute sinusitis

In addition to the above causes, one can be exposed to nasal congestion problems if subjected to acute sinusitis. Sinusitis is a condition, in which the inside of the nose is swollen and also inflamed that makes the nasal cavity undergo narrowing. In addition this problem also often makes the production of mucus in the nose increased significantly.

4. Flu

Flu or often known by this term influenza can occur in all people, the main cause of this condition is the virus. The Virus will attack the respiratory system such as nose, throat and also lungs. This condition is also the cause of a person that has nasal congestion problems.

How to treat nasal congestion easily

As already explained above, if the problem of nasal congestion it can disappear by itself without the use of drugs from doctors. But not a few also of the people who struggle to overcome the problem and take a long time to be able to completely heal. Well, to prevent that, here are some easy ways to solve the nasal congestion problem at home:

1. Clean the nose with salt water

Cleansing the nose with salt water is not only able to relieve nasal congestion, but it is also able to kill the bacteria and viruses that are lodged inside the nose.

The way to make it is also quite easy, you just need to prepare a few tablespoons of salt mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve with warm water until evenly. For the use of it you can do it by pouring the solution to one of the compressed nostrils and let the solution flow out of the other nostrils.

2. Consume Hot drinks

Not many people know that it is apparently consuming a hot drink that is able to relieve nasal congestion. There are some good hot drinks for you to try to solve the problem such as herbal tea.

3. Use extra pillows when you want to sleep

The following ways will usually come in handy for you who have trouble sleeping due to nasal congestion. Because it will make your sleep more comfortable and make breathing through the nose more relieved.

4. Sufficient fluid in the body

Basically, filling the fluid in the body can provide benefits in the dilution of mucus that is in the nose. In addition to consuming a lot of Ciaran daily can also help to keep the throat to stay relieved or moist.

5. Banished more often

When experiencing a clogged nasal problem, dispose of the snot in the nose with the correct steps. Because if removing the snot with harsh pressure can trigger the return of germs into the nose. So the right way to throw snot is to close one of the nostrils and remove the snot on the other nostrils.

6. Uses warm steam

In alleviates blocked nasal problems, you can breathe the money that comes from warm water. But when you want to inhale the steam that emerges from boiling water, try to be careful and don't get too close. For if it is wrong, the vapor will instead make your nose loose.

7. Wear Eucalyptus oil

When the nose is being compressed, you can apply eucalyptus oil to the outside of the nose. This will help speed up the dilution process of the snot in the nose. In some cases this one is known to be very potent to accelerate the nasal congestion healing process.

Basically, some of the above ways can help you relieve nasal congestion problems. But the above way is not instant and tends to take a while to heal completely. Nevertheless, the way to overcome nasal congestion that does not heal above is a safer and without side effects for health. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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