Thirteen ways to lower fever in children without medication

Each child must have a fever, but fever on each child is different. But basically the fever that occurs in this child indicates that the body is trying hard to fight the infection that is happening in the body.

If the mother is a fever, we should not worry because not all the fever should be treated to the doctor. This is because there are several types of fever that can mother overcome by doing treatment at home.

In general, a child can be said to be fever when the small body temperature has reached 37 ° C more. Therefore, if the mother suspects the child is a fever, then you should make sure the temperature of the body by using a body temperature measuring device.

In some cases, the temperature of the child's body who is in fever often rises down and will usually be lower in the morning and will be high again at night. There are even some occasions that at night when the body temperature starts to rise, the small body will shiver. It can make your child sleep with no soundly at night and will make us as parents very worried.

In addition to mothers can use hot-lowering drugs for small SE, mothers can also do the following way to overcome the child fever at night:

How to lose fever in children without medication

1. Using thin clothes

The first way to help lower the symptoms of a child's heat is to apply clothes to the child and try to have a thin material and comfortable to wear. Because if the child has a fever and the mother put her a thick shirt then it will be able to prevent the heat in the body of your fruit will not come out, and trigger a child fever will rise higher. Therefore mother, when the child is experiencing heat, then try to put him a thin cloth so that the heat from inside the body of the heart can come out easily. And undoubtedly can help reduce the fever that arises.

2. Keep room temperature more comfortable

When a child has a fever, it will often be fussy and hard to be soothed. Therefore the next way that the mother can try to do so that your children decline is to make the temperature in your child's room as comfortable as possible. This is done in order to help remove the heat in your child's body. Try to adjust the temperature of the room so as not to be too hot or not too cold yes. Then let the child get adequate rest time and give medication that can restore his condition to be healthy again.

3. Drink more warm water

In addition to taking fever medication that has been recommended by doctors, mothers can also try this one way, that is by making your child drink warm white water. Because if we give warm water can help his body to more quickly remove the heat that is in his body. Because fever causes the child to lose a lot of fluid than usual. By drinking this warm water can prevent dehydration (lack of body fluids). In addition to drinking, we can also get liquids by eating or drinking other things, such as soups, warm milk, and so on.

However, we should not provide drinks when a child is a fever such as a drink containing caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. With many children drink warm water.

It's best to avoid children from caffeine-containing drinks, such as tea, coffee, and sparkling beverages. This drink makes the child urinate more often, so feared by the child will lose a lot of fluids.

4. Eat more than usual

In addition to drinking water that many other ways for fever can decline is with a lot of eating. Because a weak body is very much needed nutrient intake more than usual. So, with adequate food intake can greatly help the child fever heal faster. Because the higher the Fever in children, the greater the intake and nutrition needed.

But sometimes during fever, the appetite for children will be reduced, especially if the fever occurs at night. Now, mother should try to slowly persuade the heart to eat and remember to give an easy to digest food such as porridge, bread, or biscuits. It is with the Rewelnya the child when eating can make his recovery slowed down. But when giving it do not be too forced, try it little by little until it is sleepy and wants to sleep.

5. Give vitamin C routinely

The next way is to give intake of vitamin C. Because vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties that can help the inflammatory healing process. As the inflammatory factor also becomes one of the causes of fever in children appear.

Other benefits of vitamin C can enhance the immune process and increase the production of white blood cells in the body. Therefore mothers, give vitamin C routinely to the fruit of the liver. But it should be remembered also to appropriate dosage and age of Yes mothers. And should be according to the doctor's advice too.

6. Massage the child Gently

Surely the massage of a mother will make a very comfortable and soothing effect for a child and this will also make the little one can sleep soundly. Mothers can also give the scrub oil to the body part of the small while in the massage gently. Oils that can mother use such as telon oil or eucalyptus oil. Apply it to the body so that the pores are open so that the heat in the body is easier to come out. In addition to helping reduce fever, doing massage in infants can also facilitate blood circulation. If blood circulation in the body smoothly then the transportation of food substances and whole body oxygen will be better.

7. Apply the herb from shallots

The traditional way that the mother can do to relieve heat is to use the red onion mixed with genuine coconut oil to taste. Chop coarse onion yes mother. Then wrap it throughout the child's body, and after that put its bag on the child's forehead to compress.

The use of shallots is great for a mother's try. Because shallots have a content of essential oils and other ingredients, which can help relieve fever.

But at the time of use please be careful 2 yes, do not get exposed to the eyes. As well as in the period of use do not be too much because sometimes the child's skin is sensitive.

8. Give the drug paracetamol or ibuprofen

The next way is to use two types of drugs that are recommended by doctors. This medicine is indeed well-known to relieve fever in children.  In general, the drug ibuprofen is more likely to be liked because it can lower the fever of children faster than the mother using paracetamol children.

Why is paracetamol less liked? It is due to the effect of paracetamol in the lower heat reduction of ibuprofen.

As well as in its use period adjust to the dose of this drug with the age of your child. Also do not use 2 drugs at once.

And also need the mother to know in using ibuprofen is not suitable for children under the age of six months. It is because ibuprofen has more potent and dangerous side effects for younger child age groups. Although Ibuprofen can reduce heat faster.  Well if the mother wants to use both of these drugs do not forget according to advice Doctor yes.

9. Compress with warm water

It is often, even common if the child is infected with a fever, which compresses the child with warm water. It has since been practiced in the generations. Even by compressing the child's forehead with warm water, it can not remove the fever completely, because it can only lower the child's heat temporarily. But this way the mother deserves to try to help the fever on her beloved sweet fruit down.

If the mother wants to compress the child's forehead should be patient, it is because there are some children who may feel uncomfortable even fussy when compressed his forehead.  Do it slowly and make the child feel comfortable when compressed. Undoubtedly with this method of fever in your child can be lost and your child can be healthy again.

10. Wipe the child's body using warm water

The next way that the mother can do and can try the mother of prepress is to wipe the body of your fruit using warm water with a temperature of approximately 29,4-32,2 ° C. Because by wiping the body with warm water can also help overcome fever on Children.

Mother can use a small towel or a washcloth to wipe the body of your child who is in fever. Because this warm water will help to cool the body and make the temperature on the child's body will decrease slightly. Do it for 30-45 minutes. And do not use cold water, it will actually make your child shiver and make the child's body temperature will be nauk to tolerate the chills.

11. Shower with warm water

If the child is experiencing fever, but the child has to stay bath or wipe. Well, for that use warm water to bathe it or absorb it. By bathing the child using warm water can help overcome fever in children. Because the warm water about the child's skin when bathing will make the body temperature cool, and make fever decreases.

If you use cold water for bathing children, it can even make the child shiver and make the child's body temperature up to tolerate the chills that the child feels.

12. Help to remove heat in the child's body

To help produce heat in the child's body can be done by dressing clothes to the child who covers his whole body. The clothes used should not be thick, with enough clothes that are rather thin but must be covered. And do not forget to envelop the mother's heart.

Because by making clothes that are too thick will be able to make heat in the body will be hard out, and cause the child to become uncomfortable and also be fussy. It will also cause child fever will be higher.

In addition, you can also help reduce fever in children by making the children's room temperature as comfortable as possible. Make room temperature not too hot or cold.  Then make the child to be able to rest so that his condition can quickly recover again.

13. Drink Herbal Tea

The next way can be done by drinking herbal tea, such as lemon balm herbal tea, ginger tea, yarrow, elderflower or chamomile tea. Because drinking herbal tea can be trusted to overcome fever in children and adults. The effect of drinking a herbal tea is soothing and can also trigger the body to sweat.

This is what will help to lower the fever temperature in the child's body. If you want to taste more delicious and liked by the child can add honey as a sweetener.

If the fever of the daughter of Ana does not come down within a week more, or the heat in the body is very high, then it is very good that the mother immediately brings the child to be examined to the pediatrician. To avoid the occurrence of seizures (step) or symptoms of typhoid, and dengue fever. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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