What are the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair!

Aloe vera or in English is referred to by the name of this aloe vera is one type of plant that has many benefits for humans. In addition to being beneficial for health, aloe vera benefits for dry hair also do not need to be further.

The use of Aloe vera as a mask for dry hair is a very precise choice, because in addition to cheap, the content in Aloe vera also does not cause harmful side effects for the body as well as is very safe to use routinely for Adults or children.

Nutritional content of Aloe vera

When we talk about the benefits of aloe vera for hair loss and dry is certainly not separated from the content contained therein. This is what makes Aloe vera a lot to be utilized by many people as a beauty and health ingredient.

In a study, Aloe vera has a very complete nutritional content such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and also iron. Not only that, other content that is also possessed by Aloe vera is an antioxidant substance that includes phenols, flavonoids and saponins.

Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair

There are currently many types of hair care products that use Aloe vera as the basic ingredient of its creation. However, using aloe vera directly is more secure and the benefits for hair will be more pronounced results. Here are some of the aloe Vera benefits for Hair:

1. Prevents hair damage

The benefit of aloe vera for hair first that you can feel from using aloe vera in the hair can cope with the occurrence of damage to the hair. Due to the weather effects, from sun exposure, to the habit of doing hair styling, as well as the effect of using shampoo or the use of wrong hair care products can be some factors to the occurrence of damage to the hair. It can be seen from the emergence of several signs, such as hair feeling dry, branching and feeling rough.

In order to avoid hair damage, it is good to try to do treatment with this aloevera (Aloe vera). Simply by using a regular aloe vera mask, the keratin in the hair will still be preserved, so that the hair can be healthy again.

2. Accelerate the growth of new hair

Aloe Vera does have a wide range of benefits, one of the benefits of aloe vera for hair health is that it can help accelerate new hair growth. So for those of you who want to have thick hair, can use this aloe vera mask. The presence of vitamins and minerals on aloe Vera is also very believed can stimulate hair growth.

Besides being able to be used for adults Aloe vera is also safe to use for baby hair as well as children.  So for those of you who want your fruity hair to be healthy and thick. Therefore, it does not hurt you to choose hair Treatment with aloe vera.

3. Prevents hair loss

The benefits of aloe vera for hair that is next can help prevent the occurrence of hair loss. Often hair loss is a problem that is quite troubling. There are discoveries of some cases, in which the occurrence of hair loss is very severe and it causes baldness. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing hair loss, do not leave it just so ya.

Better as soon as possible to do treatment, one of them is by using a hair mask of aloe vera. Because the benefits of aloe vera can stimulate hair growth also has benefits as a deterrent loss. Aloe Vera can not only stimulate hair growth can also help nourish the scalp and help the hair become stronger and healthier.

4. Cleans and prevents the emergence of dandruff

The emergence of dandruff on the scalp can be due to various factors, especially the seboronic dermatitis factor. The emergence of this dermatitis can be caused by bacteria or fungi.  Therefore if you want to eradicate the dandruff that appears on the scalp, can try to use Aloe Vera as the right solution.  Because Aloe vera (Aloevera) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help overcome the problem of dandruff.

You can feel the benefits of aloe vera to prevent dandruff in its way quite easily, just apply a aloe vera mask on the scalp, then let stand for approximately 20 minutes, let the sensation of cold felt in your scalp. Then your scalp that feels itchy due to dandruff will feel quieter and comfortable.

5. Make the hair color more black
Because most Indonesians who have black hair pigment
Because most Indonesians who have hair pigments that are naturally black so often many people want to retain the natural hair color. But we can know at this time it is very difficult to maintain because often arises some factors damage to the hair from it dry or rough hair can also cause natural black color on the hair disappears and tends to change color to reddish or yellowish.

Therefore, in order to keep your natural black hair color awake or you want to make your hair color more black, take your hair using aloe vera. With you treating hair with a aloe Vera mask undoubtedly the benefits of aloe vera for hair can help make the hair color more black, and make the hair more shiny and healthy again.

6. Overcoming Oily Hair

Besides being able to cope with damaged hair, aloe vera benefits that you can feel are able to cope with hair problems. The cause of hair is usually triggered by excessive oil production in the head. And sometimes it makes the confidence decrease because the appearance of the hair looks less maximum.

But you do not have to worry, because the appearance of hair can be prevented or eliminated with Aloe vera. It is because Aloe vera is able to control excessive oil production without causing your scalp to become dry. So use a aloe Vera mask regularly and feel the benefits of Aloe vera. And you also do not have to worry because aloe vera treatment for hair is also suitable for all types of hair

How to use aloe Vera for dry hair

In making use of aloe vera as a dry hair mask is very easy and there are many ways you can do it at home. What is it? Here's the explanation:

1. As a Conditioner:

How to use aloe vera for dry hair The first is to wear it as a conditioner. The use of Aloe vera as this conditioner can keep the moisture of hair throughout the day. For the manufacture is also very easy, prepare in advance some of aloe vera stem and take the meat part. After that, wash the hair as usual and apply the meat of aloe directly to the hair by using hands to a thorough. Let stand a few moments and rinse back with water until clean.

2. As a Deep-clean Conditioner:

Besides being able to use it as a conditioner, aloe Vera can also be used as a deep-clean conditioner. How to use it is also quite easy, you only need to mix a little olive oil with aloe vera meat with a dose of 1:1.

If the ingredients are well blended then you can wear a comb to help spread the whole hair. To make the result more maximized, you should use it regularly.

3. As a Leave-in Conditioner:

How to use aloe vera for dry hair The latter is to wear aloe vera as a leave-in conditioner. It is also well-known to address dry hair problems due to sunlight.

How to make the herb is also easy, you just have to prepare a little water and add it with aloe vera meat and stir until evenly and do not forget also to add a few drops essentral oil and voila. Then move it into the spray bottle and apply the hair directly.

How, pretty much is not the aloe Vera benefit for hair? Besides, in order to get even more maximum result, you can add egg whites or garlic. Good luck. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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