Here are eight fruits that are not good for pregnant women consumption

When a woman is pregnant, it will certainly be advised to consume food and fruits on a regular basis because it has many benefits to grow the fetus that is being yes. But a fact shows that not all kinds of fruits can be consumed safely by pregnant women, because there are some fruits that are not suggested to be consumed for pregnant women.

There are several reasons that mention, why some fruits are not good for consumption for pregnant women including it is said to be able to cause uterine contractions, digestive problems, bloating and also constipation. Therefore, some of these fruits are obligatory to be avoided and some must be restricted by expectant mothers. Below are some types of fruits that are forbidden for pregnant women.

List of fruits not good for pregnant women

What are some fruits that are not good for consumption during pregnancy?

Indeed, for women who are pregnant should willingly limit every intake of food that comes into his body, this is because it is to keep the fetus's growth that is being in the bladder. Besides avoided, mothers should also reduce to consume some of the following fruit types.

1. Fruit Palm

We need to know if the palm fruit has a very high natural sugar content. But mothers can still consume but with a limit of 2 to 3 seeds. If the mother has problems or suffer from diabetic pregnancy, then we should avoid to consume palm fruit because it can make a difficult body to digest the glucose that is sums in fruit palm.

2. Grapes

In consuming grapes should mother restrict it, other grapes sold also sometimes contain pesticides that are intentionally on the spray on the vines. Therefore, before consuming grapes, it is good to wash until clean or put on soap to wash fruit. But remember keep limiting the mother!

3. Fruit Pineapple

Although fruit pineapple is one type of fruit that is rich in protein content, minerals and vitamins are good for health, but when the mother is pregnant then young then you should avoid to eat pineapple fruit. Because in the pineapple fruit is also contained an enzyme called Bromelin, where the enzyme can cause the cervix to become weak and it can trigger an early contraction or even a miscarriage.

4. Banana Fruit

Ripe banana fruit is certainly good for consumption for pregnant women but still within the limit, but raw banana fruit should be avoided when pregnant young because it has a bad effect for pregnancy. Because in raw bananas there are a lot of tannins and resistant content that can trigger the slow movement of food in the intestines.

5. Papaya

Fruit papaya that is still raw or half mature should be avoided to be consumed during pregnancy, this is because in the raw fruit papaya contains latex that can trigger the occurrence of contraction of the uterus. Therefore, it is highly recommended for mothers who are in the third trimester of pregnancy and towards the end of pregnancy to avoid consuming the raw fruit of papaya. But for a perfectly ripe papaya can certainly be mother's consumption but not too much because the ripe papaya also contains sugar which is quite high.

6. Fruit Lychee

For pregnant women consume lychee can certainly still be provided within a reasonable limit, because consuming lychee in an unnatural or excessive boundary will cause problems in the stomach and other problems. This is because in the fruit lychee also contains very high sugar and is not good when consumed excessively by pregnant women.

7. Persimmon Fruit

This type of fruit is certainly not good for mother consumption when pregnant, because in the persimmon there is a relatively high tannins content. Because when these tannins substances enter the body of a pregnant woman, it can trigger constipation.

8. Durian Fruit

Indeed, many people think that durian fruit is not good for pregnant women, but it is not all true because pregnant women can still consume durian but few and should not be too often. Because if consuming durian fruit too often with a lot of amount then this can have a bad impact to the development of the fetus. This is also because in the durian fruit has an alcohol content as well as arachidonat acid that can trigger contractions and babies are born prematurely.

In addition to the above eight fruits that are not good for pregnant women excessive consumption, mothers are also obliged to pay attention to other food intake that the mother wants consumption and wash the fruit first until clean before the mother consumption to avoid Content of substances on the skin of the fruit. In addition, mothers should also be able to avoid consuming fruits that are still classified, whether any fruit should be avoided to maintain health and the growth of the fetus is a mother's biological. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.

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